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About Us

Clearly the most hotly debated question on the internet is, "Which is better, Stick or Automatic?" OK, that could be a slight exaggeration. Still, while you're choosing sides, why don't you ask yourself, "Which is better, dogs or cats?" How about pizza or burgers? Spring or Fall?

Contrary to what you may think, we haven't set out to solve this debate, nor to stoke its flames. Stick Shifters of America is on a conservation mission, not a war. Automatics and manuals have peacefully co-existed for eighty years, fulfilling different purposes for different people and personalities. 

Driving a stick makes us the master of a complex machine, a performer of a delicate dance of decisions and inputs that move us, exhilarate us, and connect us to speed. It takes practice, finesse, and an appreciation for the analog world. Sadly, the stick is disappearing. Our members stand together to ensure our favorite vehicle option never goes extinct. 

We own, drive, and advocate for these cars and we are proud of the skill it takes to drive them well. OUR PARTNERS feel the same way. If you are a Stick Shifter, now is the time to unite and take action.  JOIN US today.

The Finer Details
Stick Shifters of America is a 501(c)7-pending non-profit membership organization founded in 2018. Our purpose is to build and expand the network of drivers with this skill, recognize events, products, and services that members will enjoy, and ensure the continued production of the manual transmission in new vehicles by representing our membership to automotive manufacturers in the United States.

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